Welcome to Ms. Shea's Social Studies class wiki page!

CIA World Factbook Website

Use this website to complete your world government types scavenger hunt! Select a country from the dropdown list and scroll down until you see "government type" to find out which it is! Try to make educated guesses to save time.

Elections Canada Website

Use this website to find information about a Canadian political party for your worksheet.

Confederation Website

Use this website to find the answers to your crossword puzzle.

Environmental Proposals

Our class has formed some committees to discuss and submit proposals for ways in which our class or school could become more environmentally friendly. Each committee must provide a specific outline of their plan, how it would work, and with evidence as to WHY it would be effective. These proposals should be reasonable and realistic (for example, NO HOMEWORK FOREVER! is not a reasonable or realistic proposal).

Once your committee has completed a rough draft of your proposal, create a page for your proposal and link it here. Put your draft proposal on the page. That way, the members of your committee can edit or discuss the proposal online and make changes and adjustments as needed. Input from other members of the class or visitors to our Wiki could be helpful as well.

Once you are satisfied with your proposal, notify Ms. Shea for approval. She may give you suggestions for revisions. Once your proposal has been approved, you may then submit it to the appropriate parties (more info on this to follow).

Together, we CAN and we WILL make a difference!


Committee Proposals:

Environmental Protection Agency Website

Click here to go to our EPA website activity page.