Have a Wiki question? Accidentally deleted a page? Start a discussion here, or look for one that is already started. Hopefully together we can solve any technical problems that might come up!

How to Add a Link on Glogster

  1. Click on an item (graphic, text, etc).
  2. Click "EDIT".
  3. Click the "link" button.
  4. Type or paste web address.
  5. Click "APPLY".

How to Embed Your Glog in Wikispaces

  1. Save and publish your glog as "finished" (you can still go back and make changes later).
  2. Click on the html code to copy.
  3. Go to your Wikispace community page (or other page you are embedding) and click "edit this page".
  4. Click the button with the TV ("embed widget" button).
  5. Click "Other".
  6. Paste your html code in the box and click "save".
  7. Save the page.
  8. If you make changes to your glog in glogster, you will need to embed your glog all over again!

By Derek:

How to Fix A Page if You Deleted It

  1. Go to the HISTORY tab of the page.
  2. Click the date of the page version that you are trying to revert to.
  3. When you are there, click "Revert to this version".

All done! :-)

But make sure you don't experiment with this; it could mess the wiki up if you aren't careful.