Bored and looking for something to do during winter vacation? Brain getting rusty? Here are some links that might help you sharpen your skills (and have fun at the same time). Don't forget, vacation time is a great time to read new books... or write new stories... write in a journal... send a letter to a far-away friend... or just check out these links!

The Stacks for Kids - a Scholastic website with activities and info about all their fun books - Harry Potter, 39 Clues, Goosebumps, and so many more!

Nanowrimo Young Writers Program - for those of you who love writing stories, ideas, prompts, tips and even links to contests and other ways to get your stories REALLY PUBLISHED!

Make Beliefs Comix - at this website you can create your own comic by choosing from different characters and expressions, and adding your own dialogue! You can even print it out afterward!

Environment Kids Club - more games, quizzes, and things to explore from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Classics for Kids - a site all about music, from games to information to listening.

Vancouver 2010 - the official website of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. The Olympics are being held from February 12th to the 28th. Explore this site to learn more about your favourite winter sports, the athletes, and to get all the breaking news and medal counts!

Make sure to check out the DMLFNS Wiki's Library Page for a fantastic collection of links to even more cool websites to explore over the holiday. And don't forget, you can always visit and add to our own Wiki!

Have a wonderful holiday, everyone!